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Welcome to my personal website. This website will contain images I've taken, as well as information about my hobbies and various other things I'd like to share online. Please feel free to read through my site, and I hope you enjoy it. This website also may be used to host my personal "half-baked" opinion on various topics, and other uses.

In brief (because you can find more about myself on the (More) About Me page), my name is obviously Garrett Fuller. I'm a senior in high school with various "half-baked" opinions, who is seeking a career in CIS (Computer Information Systems) after I graduate. However, many believe I should pursue a career in Journalism due to my "broad" journalism background. However, I enjoy computers much more, and they have been something that have peeked my interest since I was in elementary school and used my first modern computer. I'm also known in Kewanee, Illinois for being the "boiler kid" - as I've found and documented various Kewanee Boilers, which started my interest in Kewanee Boilers. I'm a fan of the Ford Model A (although not as much as I used to be, since I already have bought my first car.)


Just a Couple Updates...

May 31, 2017: The Kewanee Boiler section is finally completed! You can go check it out here.

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