ThinkPad Computer Case

One of the first ThinkPad-branded things I acquired was not a computer, but rather a ThinkPad case.

I acquired my ThinkPad case around 2011 from a local secondhand store. The case is circa the mid-1990s, as it predates the modern ThinkPad logo, and slightly predates the ThinkPad logo which IBM used in the early 2000s (which is similar to the modern ThinkPad logo, minus the red dot.)

While this case is obviously an IBM-era ThinkPad product, there is no IBM “identification” anywhere on it. The luggage tag has the name “ThinkPad” embossed into it, and the sticker on the inside has information on who manufactured the case for IBM.

Unfortunately, my case is still seeing everyday use with my ThinkPad T420. The T420 sits comfortably inside the padded compartment. This means it has seen a lot of wear and tear since I purchased it (as it was in immaculate condition when purchased; the previous owner must have never used it.) The leather is dried out, the leather on the carrying strap is starting to tear and become unglued, and the strap itself is twisted. The case has carried the 7-pound T420 up flights of stairs, for miles on a bicycle (right before writing this I had to take a five-mile bike ride carrying the strap around my neck) without problem.

When I finally decide to replace the T420 (in a decade or so…), I will replace the case with another ThinkPad topload case.

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