TBT: My First Cell Phone

In response to me getting my new Samsung Galaxy Express Prime 2 (see the latest installation in the “Cell Phone Saga” series), I thought I’d talk about the first cell phone I got.

In middle school, many of my friends had fairly decent cell phones. My ex-girlfriend had a “collection” of nice cell phones (iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, etc.) I always wanted my own cell phone.

I always wanted a phone. My parents always had very basic cell phones since I was a kid. Their first cell phone (if I recall correctly) was a Nokia 3310. The 3310 has been known since as one of the most indestructable phones. While it was built like a tank and worked well as a phone and for basic games, it was extremely basic in comparison to today’s phones.

So, after much begging and persuading, I finally was able to get a phone around the Christmas of 2012 when I was in the eigth grade. The phone I got was a LG Optimus Elite – used with Virgin Mobile as the carrier.

The phone was amazing to me at the time, as all of my prior experiences with a phone included playing games like Snake or Moon Lander on a black-and-white screen. Now, I could install apps and run them – in color. I could take pictures without having to carry a camera with me. I could access the internet from anywhere. It was nice.

That phone got replaced in June 2015 with a Nokia Windows Phone (Lumia). That phone got replaced over a year later with a LG Tribute 5, which was just replaced with the Samsung Galaxy Express Prime 2 and is my first phone with AT&T.

This post written on the IBM ThinkPad T42.