Update – 5/17/2018

Welcome to summer!

It has been my official “Summer Break” now for a couple weeks. Thus, I’ve been busy with getting settled and relaxing before I start at my summer job. A major change in my personal life is also taking shape, which is exciting but causing me to be somewhat anxious. (I’ve been in the process of changing my major.)

T420 Update

Because I’ve been so busy, I actually haven’t had a chance to look at the T420 since arriving back at home. My current plan is to attempt to replace the T420 with a newer ThinkPad (I’m currently hoping to possibly have enough $$$ saved to purchase a new T480 built to my specs) by the end of the summer. Until then, I’m using the MacBook Air for most of my stuff.

T42 Update

The T42 is getting some R&R time since I have the MacBook Air to browse the web and play games.

Unfortunately, I believe that the battery installed in the T42 (in the UltraBay) has officially died. Today I plugged in the machine after I noticed the battery was out of charge due to me forgetting to shut the laptop down before unplugging it to plug something else in. When I plugged it in, the battery LED starting flashing orange, and the machine isn’t even attempting to charge the (dead) battery.

Fortunately, though, I can still use the T42. It just needs to be plugged in. The battery was toast anyways, as it would only power the machine for about 30-45 minutes, even when the machine was doing light tasks.

Pinnacle Update

No progress has been made on the 1981 Free Spirit Pinnacle. I hope to get the brakes replaced this summer, as well as the brakes realigned.

I am also strongly thinking about swapping the front and back tires and installing the thorn-resistant tube in the rear, while keeping the tube that is presently installed as a spare.

Site Update

Since I’ve been busy, there hasn’t been much time to devote to writing new content. However, I do have some new content planned for the near future.

Because I’m kind of “burned out” on computers, I’m thinking about posting about non-computer related topics.

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