RANT: My (Broken) Logitech Mouse

Another one bites the dust…

I’ve had the worst luck when it comes to anything that says “Logitech” on it. My Logitech M325 wireless mouse died on me today.

My Logitech M325 wireless mouse died. Time to chuck it in the bin so that it can join two of its brothers.

While the mouse is fine, something has gone wrong with it to cause it to not do anything in MacOS or Windows. Strangely, it has worked just fine in Linux Mint. Attempts to reset it, such as restarting the computer, removing the batteries, turning it off and back on, unplugging the receiver and plugging it back in, etc. have been unsuccessful. It also isn’t RF interference – this mouse worked just fine in the same environment for about a month since moving back until it decided to work intermittently about a week ago and now not at all.

As mentioned, my luck with Logitech products isn’t very good. This is the third Logitech wireless mouse that I’ve had die on me. The last Logitech mouse had a crappy battery holder that was poorly made and wouldn’t make good connection with the battery about 97% of the time. Thus, it’d drop in and out, and most of the time it’d refuse to work. (Trying to fix that mouse with some aluminum foil failed, as well.)

I also bought a pair of Logitech computer speakers a couple years ago. Got them home and opened the box to find that the volume knob had already fallen off the speaker – right out of the box. I snapped it back on and that speaker worked great for a while, before it started making scratchy noises when turning the knob – like a dirty potentiometer would. (But it’s new?!? You’d expect that on a twenty-five year-old stereo or something!)

The only good Logitech I bought (got – it was a gift) was a Logitech wireless mouse from around 2011. While it had the super-long and obtrusive receiver, it never skipped a beat. Too bad I can’t find it.

So I guess I’m going to be using the trackpad on the MacBook until I can find a replacement, wired mouse.