Pinnacle Update: Reassembled!

The Pinnacle has been put back together, tuned up, and ready to roll!

The Pinnacle has finally went to a local bike shop to get its brake pads changed, as well as tuned up. The bike is (finally) safe to ride and ready to hit the streets.

Finally, the Pinnacle is back together in one piece!

I took the Pinnacle out for a spin, testing the new brakes and the gear shifting mechanism. The bike shop installed new cotter pins on the cranks, so the bike no longer makes a noise with each revolution of the pedal. The bike rides nice and fine, and nearly stops on a dime.

Me on the bike. This is the first time the Pinnacle has seen pavement in at least three years.

But the Pinnacle project is far from over. There are still some issues on it, the first being the dirtiness of this bike.

The bike has collected a lot of dust over the years of sitting, not to mention the collection of cobwebs.

This weekend, I plan on taking some soapy water and giving the bike a nice cleaning. Clean all of the dirty dust of the forks and the rear, and making sure the bike looks like it is brand new. When this bike is clean, it looks amazing! It’s blue paint shines. It just needs some TLC to remove the dust and cobwebs the bike has collected over the years of sitting.

The kickstand also needs some TLC…

In addition to a good cleaning, the Pinnacle needs some more TLC. The bike shop owner told me of the problems he noticed. The first was one that I was already aware of… the rims. As I’ve mentioned all along, the rims are bent out of shape and have impact spots from where they have hit something hard. Additionally, the rims have some rust spots and just don’t look that good anymore. Those will be replaced in the future.

The second issue was the kickstand. The kickstand doesn’t work that well, as nine times of ten the bike will just fall over. The kickstand doesn’t stop where it should.

The third issue was one that I didn’t know about: the seat is crooked. Apparently the seat (which was robbed off the Huffy Superia when I scrapped it) is damaged and needs to be replaced sometime in the future. Too bad, as the seat is comfy.

These issues will be fixed in the future. But the bike is finally back and ready to hit the road. It already has gone on a test trip (a “maiden voyage” of sorts… it’s first time seeing the road in at least three years) to make sure everything works. And yep, it runs a lot better and the brakes actually work.

Stay tuned! Another installment will be coming very soon (this weekend) after I get done cleaning the bike and hopefully transforming it back into a presentable bike.

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