May 2021 Update

Good news: new content is in the works!

In April, I had to take a short hiatus from the website to focus on finishing my degree. Speaking of which, that brings me to my first topic.

Graduation & Moving Back Home

On May 9, I graduated from my university with my bachelor’s in digital media production. Four years of hard work and determination have culminated into this moment.

I’m currently looking for a job to start my career. Until I can find a job and get situated, I will be living back at home. Which, unfortunately, means dealing with extremely limited space and unreliable (slow at best) internet service. (When posting this, we are actually going through a spell where internet service has been extremely spotty, sometimes being out for entire days.) However, I will be trying my best to provide new content and posting to my Twitter account. (Follow me on Twitter – @gfuller_blog – if you haven’t already!)

New Content

Speaking of content, I already have some new content in the works.

Back in mid-April, I picked up a 1989 Apple LaserWriter IISC laser printer to use with my classic Macs. Despite saying it’d likely be a while before I got another computer or computer-related to add to my collection, this deal was too good to pass up. I’ve never owned a laser printer – let alone a LaserWriter! In an upcoming post I will do my standard introduction on it and look at the condition.

The other post I’ve been working on is in regards to how I track my collection. I had received a question on another website about how I manage the “inventory” of my collection, as nearly everyone does it differently. I’m hoping to release that soon.

Third, another post I’m hoping to begin working on soon is in regards to the SuperSE project – what has happened since my last installment to the SuperSE restoration series, and what will be happening next.

The Macs – SuperSE and my 2019 13″ MacBook Pro – back at home.

Additional future content may include a Sedona update, a 6-month review of my iPhone SE, and a review on some (modern) software. I may also create a written “introduction” to the retrocomputing hobby; a better, written alternative to this video I created below.

I created this video as a very basic explanation of the retrocomputing hobby from my perspective.

My hope is to continue creating content throughout this time. In addition to more retrocomputing/Macintosh content, I also would like to expand my section on the AT&T Long Lines network by photographing more Missouri sites, and trying to get some interior shots at some of the locations. (I recently photographed the Windsor, MO site – the first in nearly three years.) I’m hoping for some big news on that project in the near future. I would love to create more Long Lines-related content, and maybe grow it into a more “official” project.

I lately photographed the Windsor, MO Long Lines microwave relay site. I hope to possibly photograph other sites in Missouri in the next couple of months.

I’m also hoping to continue work on the Kewanee Boiler section by moving content over from the old site to the new section here on my blog. I’m hoping to have the new section (or the current “beta”) finished by the end of May.

Lastly, after the Kewanee Boiler section is complete, I’d like to do a cleanup on the site by removing old, unwanted files and replacing large files with compressed versions, moving them, or deleting them altogether. So far, I’ve been having issues with not consuming too much server space.

Anyways, that is all for this month’s update. As always, thank you for reading – it’s greatly appreciated. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (@gfuller_blog) for updates and “sneak peeks.”

This post written on a 1988 Macintosh “SuperSE” using Microsoft Word 5.0.