Halloween Graphic: 2021 Edition

My (admittedly terrible) drawing skills have been put to the test with this year’s Halloween graphic.

This year’s Halloween graphic

This year’s graphic was created in Aldus SuperPaint 3.0 on the 1988 Macintosh SE “SuperSE”, which I obtained loaded with various paint and graphics programs — including SuperPaint.

The Halloween 2021 graphic was created using Aldus SuperPaint

Unfortunately, the PICT output from SuperPaint cannot be rendered correctly with modern software, including GraphicConverter.

Attempts to properly render the exported PICT file from Aldus SuperPaint were unsuccessful, as shown here.

Last year’s graphic was created using MacPaint, the original paint app released alongside the original Macintosh 128K on January 24, 1984.

2020’s Halloween graphic was created using MacPaint on the 1991 Macintosh Classic

11-24-2021: Corrected typo