About Me

My name is Garrett Fuller and I’m currently a student studying digital journalism. This site is used to share my ideas about pretty much anything, except that I try my hardest to keep my site a “politics free zone.”

My Hobbies

By looking around on my blog, it can be readily assumed that I’m a computer “geek” with a knack for Computer History. (This is also a space to put all that useless knowledge to use!)

Computers & Computing History

My hobby with computers started when I was really young. Growing up in the middle of nowhere (literally – the closest town was 5 miles away, and the closest “big town” was over 20 miles away) was boring, as I couldn’t just “walk to a friend’s house” or “go to the park.” The hobby began was I was given a Gateway 2000 desktop that ran Windows 3.11. It was grossly outdated by the time I received it, but it still was good enough for three year-old me.

Throughout Elementary and Middle school my computer skills improved, but it wasn’t until high school when I became dead-set on pursuing a career involving computers. (Throughout my Elementary and Middle school years I enjoyed watching technicians work on computers, but I was more interested in electrical systems and HVAC systems. Back then I thought I’d go into electronics engineering or becoming an HVAC technician/mechanical engineer – which will be discussed in my next interest.)

Kewanee Boilers

Throughout elementary and middle school I had a keen interest in HVAC systems. One of the things I thought I’d be doing is pursuing a career in HVAC systems, although I decided it wasn’t for me.

In my Freshman year of high school, I served as the manager for our boys’ basketball team. One of my duties was to do laundry in the basement of our high school in the boiler room. Inside the boiler room sat the 1968 American-Standard/Kewanee Boiler that I snapped a picture of and sent to the editor of the Kewanee Star Courier. I was featured in the newspaper, and have been a fan of Kewanee Boilers since.


As with HVAC and computers, my desire to do something with Journalism stretches back to my years in Elementary school. I can recall taking a field trip to the local newspaper office and being fascinated by it. I also took pictures of various events and even took notes to create my own newsletters.

Throughout high school, I served as the web editor for our school newspaper. I also served an internship at the local newspaper office, where I wrote and published many articles (including one that was almost partially syndicated in the New York Times.)

Other Hobbies

  • IBM Typewriters: I’ve also become bitten with the IBM typewriter “bug.” While I don’t own one, I find them fascinating – similar to their older computers.
  • Website and Graphic Design: As you can imagine, one of my hobbies is to create websites using Dreamweaver, HTML, and CSS. I love playing around with Adobe Photoshop.
  • Photography: I’ve always loved taking pictures, and I hope to get a good camera (a DSLR) whenever I can afford to do so.
  • Bicycling: In my spare time, I try got get some exercise in by riding a bike. I currently own two bikes, a (new) 2016 Giant Sedona and a 1981 Free Spirit “Pinnacle” road bike.
  • Grumman LLV: The Grumman LLV, made from 1987 to 1994, is commonly called the “USPS truck” or the standard mail truck found here in the United States. While the LLV sounds boring, there is a lot you can do (at least in theory) with one. I’ve created a Flickr group dedicated to the LLV, and am dedicating a small section of this website to other “LLV-lovers” out there. (I’m not alone.)
  • Ford Model A: I’m also interested in the Ford Model A, a type of car manufactured from 1928 to 1931. My plan throughout high school was to purchase one at my first car (daily driver) but those plans fell through. The Model A remains on my “dream car list”, and I’d still like to own one some day along with a LLV.

Other Fun Facts

  • I was an entrepreneur. I started my own web and graphic design business throughout high school (in an effort to try to fund my dream of owning a Model A, see above.) Despite my hard work and pure dedication, the business failed and I pulled the plug on it in my Senior year of high school. (The banner of this page was taken of me holding the brand new MacBook Air that I purchased for my business, displaying our website homepage.)
  • I am a volunteer. I volunteer at a local non-profit organization whose mission is to better the community. There, I acted as their webmaster and the technology director. I was raised in poverty, so I can understand how other people feel and am willing to help others turn their lives around.
  • I am an ordinary person. I don’t claim to perfect, and I’ve had to carve my own path in life.

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