2016 Giant Sedona

The 2016 Giant Sedona… before upgrades

The 2016 Giant Sedona is the successor to the 1987 Free Spirit Pinnacle as my daily rider bike.

Somewhere between the 1987 Pinnacle and the Huffy Superia I had a couple years ago, the Sedona is a comfort bike designed for easy cruising and getting from point A to point B while staying comfortable.

Unlike both of those bikes, the Sedona is made of name-brand components. The 21-speed drive-train is mostly made by Shimano, with Sram shifters. The 26×1.95″ tires were made by Kenda and mounted on stylish unpainted aluminum rims with black spokes.

To further make the Sedona my “ultimate” daily rider, I added an aftermarket wire basket.

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