Pinnacle Update: “Mini-Restoration” Begins!

With college starting in a week, it is time to turn my attention towards what will (hopefully) become my primary mode of transportation around campus and town… the 1981 Free-Spirit Pinnacle road bike. Continue reading Pinnacle Update: “Mini-Restoration” Begins!

Packing a Bicycling Emergency Backpack

One time I was riding on the Katy Trail, and was well over eight miles outside of town. I had no cell phone on me, and it wouldn’t matter anyways, as the area I was in had no reception. Things were going fine until I heard the dread hissing coming from my rear tire. The inner tube was punctured, and within a minute the tire was completely flat. The sun was going down, and I was far from home. It would be dark before I got home if I walked, so I decided to ride back to town on a completely flat tire… on gravel. It wasn’t a fun experience, for me or my 1981 Free Spirit Pinnacle. The rim was okay, but the tire was destroyed.

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