1966 Kewanee Type M Boiler

  • Year Made: 1966
  • Type: Type M/Firebox
  • Fuel: Natural Gas
  • Ignition System: Fire-Eye electronic combustion control w/ optical flame scanner
  • Rated Output: 53.6 BHP (1800 MBTU/hr)
  • Location: Panhellenic Hall, University of Central Missouri (Warrensburg, Mo.)
  • Status: Operational (only used in summer)

I photographed this boiler as part of a “boiler room tour” I conducted along with one of the university boiler technicians in April 2019 for my previous job with The Muleskinner, our campus newspaper. While no story was completed on the boilers (contrary to my plan), I was able to get a “behind-the-scenes” look at the HVAC systems on campus. (The boiler tech was informative, telling me about the ancient boilers that used to be housed in a central heating plant that was demolished around 2008 to make space for a new parking lot.)

Two Kewanee boilers are installed in Panhellenic Hall, a residence hall for sororities. They are the only Kewanee boilers installed on campus. The larger 1964 Kewanee Scotch Marine boiler is used for “perimeter heating” during the winter, which supplements the heat produced by several York roof-top package units. The boiler detailed on this page is used for heating potable water in the summer while the larger boiler is in lay-up.

This boiler has its original burner assembly, with spartan burner controls. According to the boiler tech, “no steam leaves the boiler room.” The low-pressure steam produced by this boiler is piped over to a tank, which is used to heat potable water for the building in the summer.

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The front of the boiler
Inside the burner control panel for the boiler
The data plate for the boiler.

Photos ©2019 Garrett Fuller. Photographed April 9, 2019.

Special thanks to Tim C., David D., Gene R., and Phillip S. for the tour and information.