Submitted photos: Michael L.

Michael L., an employee of the Akron (Ohio) School District, submitted pictures of the three Kewanee Type C boilers in Ellet High School. Mike wrote the following:

“I work for Akron Public Schools and these 3 are in Ellet High School. This is the last year using them because they are getting new ones. Originally coal and are now Natural Gas.

I took a 12 class boiler training course and got 1400 hrs. I’m volunteering to get my remaining 600 hrs to take the test and get my license.

I’m so glad I did and I have learned so much and still feel overwhelmed by how much I don’t know.

Thought you might like to see these 3 in battery.”

Michael L.

Kewanee Type C boilers: Ellet High School

Akron, Ohio

The three boilers
Front of one of the boilers
According to Michael, the boilers were originally fueled by coal. Natural gas burners were retrofitted at a later date.
Gas train providing natural gas to the burner.
Steam trim for the Kewanee Type C.

Photos submitted December 5, 2018. Originally posted December 5, 2018. (Archived page.)