Submitted photos: David R.

Site viewer David R., of St. Paul, Minnesota, submitted these pictures of Kewanee Boilers he has taken.

Kewanee Type C

Like many pre-1960s Kewanee Type C boilers, this particular example has the coal grates but has been modified — either retrofitted or at the time of installation — for gas/oil firing. It appears a modern burner assembly has been installed.

1970s packaged boiler

The other boiler David sent pictures of was a 1970s Kewanee packaged firetube boiler, resembling the 1974 Kewanee. This particular boiler is rated for 48 BHP, whereas the 1974 Kewanee was rated for 70 BHP. Both are hot water boilers, as they have no rating for steam output.

Photos submitted September 7, 2018. Originally posted September 28, 2018. (Archived version of this page.)