New Year: New Printer

It has been quite some time since I’ve bought anything technology related. Since my wreck in December, all of my time, money, and any other resources have been directed towards saving for a new vehicle.

And then my HP Officejet 6000 inkjet printer decided to just randomly bite the bullet. Continue reading New Year: New Printer

Packing a Bicycling Emergency Backpack

One time I was riding on the Katy Trail, and was well over eight miles outside of town. I had no cell phone on me, and it wouldn’t matter anyways, as the area I was in had no reception. Things were going fine until I heard the dread hissing coming from my rear tire. The inner tube was punctured, and within a minute the tire was completely flat. The sun was going down, and I was far from home. It would be dark before I got home if I walked, so I decided to ride back to town on a completely flat tire… on gravel. It wasn’t a fun experience, for me or my 1981 Free Spirit Pinnacle. The rim was okay, but the tire was destroyed.

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