MARCHintosh 2021: General Productivity on a “minimal” 1988 SE

When people think of vintage computers, they see something relatively useless in the high-tech modern world where even the most basic computers can connect to the internet and browse the web. However, you can still do quite a bit with a 30-year-old computer.

For instance: basic productivity, such as word processing and spreadsheets.

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New Year… New Twitter

Instead of continuing to post content on my personal Twitter, I’ve decided to create a new Twitter account dedicated to this blog and my personal interests.

You can find the new account at @gfuller_blog on Twitter. There, I will hopefully be posting content regularly about my (vintage) computers, bicycles, Kewanee Boilers, AT&T Long Lines sites, and more – as well as updates on my website and teasers for upcoming posts. Follow me today!

A link to the new Twitter account has been added to the menu on this website.