TiMidity++: The softsynth for everyone else

When attempting to open a MIDI file in most Unix-like operating system (such as most Linux distributions and MacOS), you will learn there is no native support for playing MIDI files. So, what do you do? Say hello to TiMidity++ – an open-source software synthesizer.

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TBT: Dialing Up!

Since President Trump signed an executive order which would greatly expand broadband internet access into rural areas, and I briefly mentioned my experience with dial-up in my previous “Throwback Thursday” entry, I will elaborate on my experiences. Continue reading TBT: Dialing Up!

Electronic Music and MIDI

Since the 1970s, electronically-produced music has been produced with the aid of computers and synthesizers. Today, almost all songs have at least some aspect performed by a synthesizer, but how did this become to be? Continue reading Electronic Music and MIDI