About Me

My name is Garrett Fuller, and I'm a senior at Boonville High School (BHS) in Boonville, Missouri. Since my sophomore year, I've been an official staff member of the Pirate Press, our student-ran school newspaper. In my freshman year, I began by writing two "guest reporter" articles, one about our school's famed Kewanee Boiler.

Soon after joining the Pirate Press staff, I started an internship at the Boonville Daily News. The internship started following a front-page article which I had written regarding the demolition of Central Elementary, an elementary school which had been constructed in 1939 following an electrical fire which had reduced the old, 1830s-era building. During the internship, I wrote a "10-25-50-75" column in The Weekly, a free supplement sent to residents of Cooper county. I also wrote various other articles, one of which (a book review) was almost chosen to be syndicated in the New York Times.

While I enjoy writing and reporting, my true "love" lies in computers. My intention next year (I've been accepted into the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg) is to major in Computer Information Systems (CIS), and minor in Digital Publishing. I do plan on continuing my journalism into college, by joining The Muleskinner staff at UCM.