boilerThis part of my website is dedicated to Kewanee Boilers. There is little information about Kewanee Boilers online, so I decided to compile information and list it here.

Kewanee Boiler produced hot water and steam firetube boilers from the 1890s to 2002 in Kewanee, Illinois. They also produced boiler room accessories, (potable) hot water tanks, and other equipment.

Kewanee Boilers have been spotted in schools, government buildings, hospitals, and various other buildings around the country. Many are about to, or have, celebrated their 50th birthday and are still delivering safe and reliable heat to the buildings they serve.

Update (9/4/2017): On August 25, I found that Dave Clarke has officially retired. Clarke wrote the "Boiler Sighting" articles in the Star Courier. I hope that Mr. Clarke enjoys his retirement. As for the boiler sightings, I'm not sure if the articles will continue or not. If you have boiler pictures, feel free to e-mail them to me.

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