Kewanee Boiler Images

As a "Kewanee Boiler enthusiast", I've photographed every Kewanee Boiler I've seen in person - including one in a junkyard.

1968 American Standard Kewanee Boiler
112 BHP

1968 front

1974 Kewanee Boiler (70 BHP)

1974 front

???? Kewanee Boiler (50 BHP)

Bunceton front

Submitted Photos

Site viewers have submitted their Kewanee Boiler pictures to be shared on here. Got a picture you want to share? Click here to e-mail them to me! (When submitting, please include your name and city, state/country.)

Ellet High School (Akron, OH):
Three Type C boilers

Submitted by Michael L., Akron, OH

Three Kewanee Type C boilers

1913 Kewanee Type C
Submitted by Jenelle M. (of Pinchiff Mechanical), Seattle, WA

1913 Kewanee Type C submitted pic

Type C and 1970s 48 BHP packaged boiler
Submitted by David R., St. Paul, MN

Kewanee Type C submitted pic