T420 Storage Upgrade: Part II

I finally complete the T420’s storage upgrade, and encounter more frustrations with the lovely Linux Mint operating system.Earlier, I finally decided to go through the task of properly shutting down the original ThinkPad drive (or, disable the “fast startup” option.) I then plugged the hard drive into the Linux Mint machine and transferred the files to the ThinkPad using Samba and my network.

After that, the files were now transferred and the entire process done. Now to buttoning up the Mint Machine who acted as a surrogate for me to transfer the files onto the ThinkPad. (Once again, thanks to a lack of tools.)

Then the frustrations of Linux Mint approach when I try to get the Mint Machine, which usually acts as a file server, to start. The drive which contains my files – which I disconnected to use the data and power connections to connect to the ThinkPad’s old hard drive – was not working. What now?

After making sure everything was the way I found it, now I have to do some deeper investigating in order to get things back to perfection.