My latest (and strangest) Obsession

Over the years, I’ve been known to exhibit some strange obsessions. In fact, the term “obsession” is no longer embarrassing. However, perhaps my latest is the most strangest of them all?In addition to my computing obsessions, I’ve almost always had a “vehicular obsession.” Rather, a like towards one specific vehicle. The first one was school buses, then it became First Generation Rambler’s, then Model T Fords.

Well, as you would happen to know it, I’ve been bombarded by another vehicular obsession. This one may be the most strangest.

The vehicle? The Grumman LLV (Long Life Vehicle.) Unlike some of my other obsessions, I have no idea (at all) how this one started.

A row of LLVs

For those who don’t know what that is, I clear it up here. You may have seen one of these boxy, white vehicles driving around your neighborhood delivering your mail. Unlike others who may have a fond attachment to these vehicles, I don’t have a “connection” to the United States Postal Service nor mail. (I prefer e-mail.)

Well, now those boxy, white trucks have been driving around my mind. In addition to my IBM “dream collection” (where I own every single IBM Selectric, Wheelwriter, Quietwriter, PC, PCjr, PS/2, PS/1, ThinkPad, Aptiva, NetVista, ThinkCentre, and Model M keyboard variation known to exist), I’ve been dreaming about owning my own Grumman LLV.

There is some good news. It appears that I’m not alone. On several forums, people have expressed great interest (some even offering to pay up good sums of money and use the LLVs as their daily drivers [which is a clearly intangible goal without mods]) in purchasing the trucks. Also, as for those people and myself – the inventory of well over 100,000 LLVs is due to be put on the chopping block sometime soon. While the USPS could take the trucks and smelt them down to aluminum blocks, they may end up selling them.

Well, if my dreams ever come true, I at least know what to do. I can store my “IBM Dream Collection” inside my LLV.  Ironically, I could name the LLV my “For-Fun Vehicle” (FFV, not to be confused with the Ford FFV – the other truck used by the postal service.)