Update – 7/21/2017

The (first) moving process is finally over… now just have to wait for the next moving process to begin.

Me and my parents have finally moved into the apartment that my parents will be staying in. I am moving again on August 10th to college – so, mostly everything is still in random boxes. Thankfully, this first move was fairly smooth and successful. The only problem was it took much longer than expected (two weeks) to finally get internet.

I will be posting/updating less as I’m making the transition into the next chapter of my life. I will hope to continue to update the Kewanee Boiler section (turns out I wasn’t done), and some other parts of the site.

Speaking of boilers and photography, one of my hopes/goals is to build on my photography hobby. Boilers or not, I’m hoping to eventually get a DSLR camera. The pictures I took with a Nikon D3100 (see here and here) turned out excellent, and my current (standalone) camera – a Canon PowerShot A70 – is really old and, while reliable, doesn’t begin to compare to today’s image quality and features. My aunt got a Nikon camera and enjoyed it, and I’m thinking about going with Nikon thanks to my prior successes with their products. (Although my Canon products – including my new printer – work just fine.) As for boilers, I’m hoping to possibly getting pictures of the boilers on the campus of the school I’m attending. However, that may not become a reality. I guess time will tell.