Website Update – 10/23/2017

Time for another update…

Transition to WordPress

I have decided that I will be moving (a large percentage) of the content from my main site to the WordPress site. This transition will be slow and tedious, so please be patient.

The first section to receive the transition will be the Grumman LLV section, which is currently small (has three pages) and not many pictures. This will help me interface that section with the LLV Subrddit and, more importantly, the LLV FlickR group.

Probably the last section to receive the treatment will be the computer section. The computer section is huge and somewhat unorganized. Furthermore, there are articles on the blog about some of the topics which have been featured on pages in the main website.

While this is going on, I feel it would be a perfect time to take a step back and actually edit much of the material and improve on it. Spelling and grammatical errors are (sadly) a fact with many of the pages on the main website as I’m running this website almost entirely in my spare time. This means that some topics get written whenever I’m tired and those small errors (some big, though) get published.

This change is being made for a multitude of reasons.

  1. To make editing easier on me.
  2. Most modern websites have a WordPress base.
  3. WordPress is more mobile-friendly.
  4. Less HTML/CSS work, less design work.
  5. Categorize pages and change universal things (i.e. menus) much faster.
  6. Uniform look and feel
  7. Conserve storage

I’m hoping to still maintain an archive of current pages.

Project & Time Management

As mentioned in a previous post from (almost) exactly one month ago, I’ve been working on a “massive” project.

Phase I of that project has been completed, but phase II – which consists of complex website design, some of which I have no experience with. I’m putting a lot of time, energy, and effort into completing this project to the best of my ability. Which means that I’ve been tired and stressed lately, especially with the complex elements that require me to reach out for help from other designers. It is really hard to design such a complex website in a limited amount of time as a “one-man band.”

It is for that reason that I’m actually leaving website design as a whole following the completion of this project. I just feel that I don’t have the energy – or drive, if you’d prefer – to do web design like I did a few years ago. (This may be considered another reason why I’m moving my site to WordPress.)

I am planning on only doing website design for past projects (legacy support) and personal projects. In short, I will not be taking on any future projects. (I will still continue to do graphic design and page layout jobs, though.)

I’m also wanting to re-prioritize and focus more on my studies, finding steadier employment in my “strong” areas, and my hobbies/personal life. And actually maybe get a little more sleep. 🙂