Kewanee Boiler Factory is Coming Down!

Sad news from Kewanee: the boiler plant is coming down.According to the Star Courier in Kewanee, the Kewanee Boiler plant located at 101 Franklin Street in Kewanee, Illinois is being demolished. If my memory serves me correctly, the boiler company moved there around 1900, meaning the buildings are fairly old. To make matters worse, the buildings have sat empty for many years – causing them to become more and more dilapidated.

A company who recently purchased the plant is going to recycle/resell the building waste materials, like bricks, steel, and cement. Once it is all gone, the company will try to market the property.

Almost every Kewanee Boiler – at least each one produced between 1900 and 2002 – was produced in this factory.

Click here to read the official article from the Star Courier for more information…

Update (12/2/2018): An update article on the boiler factory demolition

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