New TrackPointers/Update: 8/23/2018

Instead of another post about the Pinnacle, why not do a computer update?

But first, let me just say a couple things about the Pinnacle…

There have been so many posts about the Pinnacle lately, for a couple reasons. One reason is that it’s always kind of nice to take a break away from computers, and focus on something else for a little bit. The second reason is the Pinnacle project has been ongoing for quite some time, and this is the first time it has been operable in at least five years. It has been brought from the dark, damp grave (garage and basement) it has been sitting in over the last couple years.

But it won’t be for long. In my previous Pinnacle updates, I’ve made mention of replacing the Pinnacle. (Something that I dared not do in the past, because it is a good bike. It just needs some TLC.) In my previous Pinnacle update, I announced (although sneakily at the bottom.) I will discuss the new bike in a later post something in the late fall, but I do plan on using the Pinnacle for the remainder of the season.

More posts, primarily updates, will be coming with how the Pinnacle is doing. I also plan on doing a farewell post to the Pinnacle before it goes into long-term storage.

Enough with the Pinnacle, let’s get into the computer segment…

New TrackPoints for the T450

In the world of laptops, the ThinkPad has set itself apart by having the TrackPoint. While Dell, HP, and Toshiba offer their own varieties – the ThinkPad has the best example, and is probably the best known.

Therefore, it was unusual when my T450 showed up from the refurbisher with no TrackPoint covers. I robbed the one off the T420, but it was worn out from a lot of use. Therefore, I ordered some new ones.

A huge box for a small bag…

I’ve ordered a new wired mouse and the TrackPoint covers from Lenovo earlier. Both were packaged “Matryoshka Doll-style.” In other words, there was a smaller box within a bigger box. Not a huge problem, but it just seemed a little overkill when they package the smaller box in a way bigger box. And then inside that smaller box is just a small zip-lock bag full of the eraser head-style covers.

The new (top) with the old (bottom)

But, the new covers work great. When I got one out and compared it to the old cover, it is obviously slightly smaller. But it slotted right in, and actually fits somewhat better.

The T42

The T42 was awaken from its slumber a couple days ago. The T42 was used to finish out my last semester after the T420 died. So, more/less, the T42 was used as my daily driver for at least a month.

The T42… covered in dog fur…

It’s doing okay. The computer is covered in dog fur and dust, despite being in its ThinkPad carrying case the entire slumber. But that’s an easy fix. It still works great… nothing new here.