Pinnacle Tire Update – 9/13

Since a golden thumbtack popped a hole in the Pinnacle’s tire four days ago while riding, I’ve kept a close eye on tire pressure after patching the puncture.

The patch

There’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is… the tire is holding air. The bad news is the patch isn’t holding very well. In four short days, its dropped 20 PSI (5 PSI per day.) It shouldn’t be too bad as long as I inflate it more often.

A Note About Pumps

After inflating the front tire to its normal pressure, I rode off without checking the rear. Our campus has a couple bike repair stands – like the one that I used to get the rim and tire off the Pinnacle four days ago – that also feature built-in pumps.

The only problem is: they don’t work. They let more air out than they put in.

I learned this the hard way a couple weeks ago when trying to check the pressure of the front tire without having to get out my own pump. Needless to say, I had to anyways after I had to walk my bike home because the tire was nearly flat.

Today, I tried the other stand with my rear tire, thinking it wasn’t broken like the other. Well, in short, it was. Half of the air in the rear tire was released while trying to get the thing working, since I thought it was just user error.

I’ve had this happen before with using other people’s pumps or [free] gas station air compressors. They wouldn’t add any air, but instead would let air out of your tire. When I was younger (before I got the Superia I had, so between 12 and 14) I had to walk my bike home (from across town) after a free air compressor at a gas station let all of the air out.

I’ve thought about getting a frame pump for the Pinnacle, partially because it has a really bad time with tires. (Look at all of these updates… most are centered around tires.) Plus, a frame pump would make it look more “authentic” as a road bike from the 1980s. (There was a time where nearly all bicyclists – novice to experienced racers – had frame pumps.) I found an interesting story that discusses frame pumps.