T450 Display Issues

The ThinkPad T450 I purchased back in July has been working flawlessly… until now.

The T450 has been a stellar performer until last night. I opened the laptop, and the display showed nothing but garbled patterns and lines before fading to white. Other times an image would be shown, but the image would “roll” (much like a TV set not tuned properly) and slowly fade to white, as well.

I’m believing the culprit is the video data cable going into the lid. If I “massage” the bezel in the right spot, it can sometimes temporarily bring the image back – although with a lot of flickering.

The refurbisher I purchased it from had a 1-year warranty on the computer. I’m hoping they’re able to fix it. Until then, the T450 is home-bound, as the only way I can use it is with an external monitor.