T450 Update

The news isn’t good…The T450 finally went into its “coma” on Wednesday. After Windows 10 updated, the display settings reverted back to the original. And without the internal display working, I’m not able to change it back.

So, therefore, the T450 has been reduced to a paperweight while I use the T42.

I contacted the refurbisher and, unfortunately, they’re unable to repair the T450 – and they have no trades in stock. So, I’m getting a refund once I send it back.

The only problem now is getting my files off the computer. While I store most of my important files in a cloud, many less important files remain on the SSD. Furthermore, I’d like to format the hard drive before sending it to them to get my personal data off.

In the meantime, I’m searching for a replacement computer.

This affects the blog…

The T450’s outage is impacting the blog. Since WordPress switched to the Gutenberg editor, the poor IBM ThinkPad T42 is unable to create, edit, or publish posts. I’m actually writing this post from the Classic Editor from scratch.

But I had a few different entries in the works in the Gutenberg editor. Unfortunately, once you start something in the Gutenberg editor, you can’t finish it in the Classic Editor. Even if I were able to edit those posts in the Classic Editor, editing large posts (especially with pictures and audio) can cause the T42 to become really unstable with its limited memory.

I was writing a Pinnacle update, which was supposed to be one long post (each section written at different times) but I’m unable to edit that. The flat tire was repaired, and I also installed the new lights. I’m hoping to get that post online – although it may be spread out into two parts.