Michelin “Protek Max” tubes: First Impressions

I got a package today… I wonder what’s inside?

What possibly could be inside?
If it wasn’t the new Michelin Protek Max “C4” inner tubes, I’d be angry.

I’ve been on the search for a high-quality, durable tube to replace the thin and puncture-prone tubes in the Sedona. During my search, I came across the Michelin Protek Max “C4” tubes.

So, I decided to give it a go.

The “Protek Max”

The Protek Max isn’t your typical inner tube. It has a couple of features which makes it less prone to punctures than other tubes.

First, the texture of the tube is rough. Ridges and dimples are molded into the tube by design, with hope to stop a puncture by compressing.

The Protek Max tube is designed to compress if a sharp object penetrates the tire by means of the dimple and ridges on the tube

The other protective measure is in the slime inside the tube. While the Protek isn’t the only tube with slime inside, supposedly Michelin’s slime “recipe” is different. Many of the reviews I read said the Protek Max’s slime was better at sealing punctures than the slime in the traditional “Slime” tubes sold at Walmart.

The Protek also boasts better pressure retention.

In addition to the odd design, the tubes are made in Serbia. They were also coated in a strange powdery, sand-like substance that had reflective bits in it. A change from the ordinary talcum powder found coating tubes.

Made in Serbia…

Other than the special design, there’s not much to say. Here’s to fewer flats. Because flats are no fun.

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