TaoTronics Headphones Update

Ever since I upgraded to wireless Bluetooth headphones, I’ve been able to enjoy my music. That is, until they broke.

Since I received my TaoTronics TT-BH040 Bluetooth headphones with noise cancellation, I’ve been able to enjoy listening to podcasts and music on my phone with actually being tethered to my phone. I’ve been able to listen to podcasts in bed or listen to music while cooking without worrying about cables getting in my way.

In my original post, where I discussed my first impressions, I was overall impressed. The headphones charge quickly. (A month later, the headphones are still going strong on their original charge.) The noise cancellation actually works fairly decently. They don’t sound too bad, either. While perhaps not the best headphones in the world, they are fairly decent for their price.

Things were going great and I was enjoying them until they broke.

While putting the headphones on one day, I heard a crack. A plastic piece that conceals the adjustment band snapped. Unfortunately, I couldn’t put the headphones on and I couldn’t repair the broken plastic. The broken plastic piece also meant the adjustment band would no longer lock into position. I was disappointed at this happening just one month in. The headphones were taken good care of – not dropped and securely stored when not in use.

A piece of plastic broke on the first pair of headphones, rendering them unwearable.

Thankfully, TaoTronics backed up the headphones with a one-year warranty.

After contacting them, a replacement pair of headphones was sent my way. I received them and they work just as good as the first pair, although I hope the construction and plastics are much better in this pair.

Strangely, they did not require me to send the original pair of headphones back. So I have a pair of headphones that work but I can’t wear.