TaoTronics Trouble

I’m having more problems with the TaoTronics headphones.

Back in July I purchased a pair of TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones to replace the cheap, worn-out pair of iFrogz Ear Pollution headphones that I owned for almost two years. The iFrogz sounded good for $13, but they felt cheaply made and would become uncomfortable after a while.

The $13 iFrogz Ear Polluton headphones

I gave the iFrogz to my dad and he wore them up until a couple weeks ago, when they quit working altogether from being dropped multiple times. Despite only being $13 and feeling cheaply made, they were fairly robust.

I can’t say the same about their replacement: the $60 TaoTronics. These headphones featured Bluetooth connectivity and automatic noise cancellation, both of which worked pretty well. They also had pretty good audio. Most headphones with those features cost well over $100 from reputable manufacturers, so there’s gotta be a catch.

The catch is in the quality and durability.

When the original TaoTronics pair were just a month old, the plastic snapped around the adjustment band. They were well maintained, and they snapped as I was putting them on. I instantly contacted TaoTronics support and they sent me a replacement pair. There was no fuss, and they even let me keep the original pair (although they were worthless at that point.)

The second pair worked flawlessly until this morning. I was doing something when I accidentally scooted my arm across my desk, knocking the headphones on the floor. And, as you can probably guess: they were busted. And in the same spot, too.

TaoTronics Troubles: the plastic broke on the second pair in the same spot

Unfortunately, the warranty is up. I’m going to buy a new pair of headphones from a reputable company.

TaoTronics isn’t a scam or anything; their product worked flawlessly. However, the durability and quality is questionable and I’d be hesitant to buy any of their products again.

It’s a shame these headphones broke. Their sound quality was pretty decent, and the ANC was good for the price. I enjoyed being able to play music from my phone without having to worry about having a cable plugged into my phone. But, I guess you get what you pay for.