Another Update: 10/5/2020

Some more minor updates on the Sedona and 1991 Macintosh Classic.

Sedona Update

In my last Sedona update, two bad things happened – one of my chainrings bent, then I had a catastrophic tire blowout that practically rendered the new Velocity CliffHanger wheel destroyed.

Aftermath of the tire blowout

A month later, some good news – at least on one of the fronts.

The CliffHanger wheel was replaced under warranty. After paying shipping costs, a brand new CliffHanger wheel arrived at my door.

The new CliffHanger wheel

Even better… it appears the Schwalbe Marathon survived the blowout intact. I mounted the tire on the front wheel and inflated it, and it seemed to hold fine. I also mounted it on the new rim and it, again, seemed to hold fine. It’s still pretty difficult to get both beads mounted on the CliffHanger wheel, so both beads appear to be intact.

I still need to peel off the factory tape on the CliffHanger wheel and install the Gorilla Tape so I can fully inflate the tire to 60 PSI. I know some were irked by the Gorilla Tape, but it seemed to hold well – and is more readily available than true Velox tape.

However, it may still be a little while before I can ride the Sedona again. I don’t have a tool required to remove the cassette and spacer from the old rim, and don’t plan on purchasing a $50 tool to use one time. I will likely have the cassette and spacer moved over to the new wheel by the bike shop when I have the crankset and chain replaced.

1991 Macintosh Classic: Recap Planned

My other project, the 1991 Macintosh Classic, also seems to be moving forward.

The Classic, without the bucket installed

Since the Classic’s analog board died back in early June, the Classic has essentially only served one purpose: decoration. My goal is to change that – recap the analog board to bring the machine back to life, so I can get back to playing with System 6.0.7, Crystal Quest and MacPaint once again.

After months of searching and waiting, I finally found someone who can recap the analog board. This weekend I plan on removing both the analog and logic boards from the computer and shipping them off to have the analog board recapped and cleaned, and both boards tested. Hopefully I can have a fully-functional and stable (hopefully this time for good) Macintosh Classic before December.

Unfortunately, my desire to produce a 30th anniversary celebration video for the Classic is no longer going to happen. I wanted to demonstrate the computer on video and discuss the internals and history, but don’t have a functioning machine to show. October 15th marks the Classic’s 30th anniversary – the Macintosh Classic was introduced at an Apple event on October 15, 1990 at Apple’s Fremont, California manufacturing facility. (The Macintosh LC and IIsi were introduced at the same event.) Maybe I can release a video on this particular machine’s 30th birthday – May 2, 2021.

Once the boards have been returned and I have the machine all buttoned back up, I plan on releasing Part 3 in the Macintosh Classic “restoration” series.

Sedona Update: 10/7/2020

I finally got around to replacing the factory yellow rim tape (which I’m sure isn’t rim tape, but just to protect the paint) with the Gorilla Tape so I can inflate the tire to 60 PSI.

The tire mounted on the new wheel

I inflated the tire to 60 PSI and didn’t have any problems. So, thankfully, it seems like the tire did survive the blowout – although the previous rim clearly did not.

Next on the list is to get the cassette and spacer transferred from the old wheel to the new one. After that the Sedona should be back in service, at least until I get the crankset and chain replaced.