Kewanee Boiler website update

As promised, the Kewanee Boiler content has been moved over from the old, static site to a new WordPress section. The old pages will be removed and replaced with redirect pages on February 28, 2022.

The transition, however, is already complete. I moved — and updated — the content from the static HTML/CSS pages to a section here on my WordPress site. The transition to WordPress will streamline things and make editing much quicker and easier.

The transition has been in the works for a while. As I mentioned back in a February 2021 site update, I’ve been planning updating the Kewanee site since December 2019. Little progress was made until earlier this year, when I decided to move the content to my current WordPress site instead of creating a newer HTML/CSS static site.

The current Kewanee Boiler site was created using HTML/CSS in 2016.
The oldest page on my website, dating from 2014, will be removed as part of the process. However, removing the old content will free up space for future content.
Moving the Kewanee content to this (WordPress) site will make things easier for everyone. It will be easier for me to add and edit content. Meanwhile, it will be easier for viewers to search for content (across the entire site) and an expandable menu will allow finding pages easier.