New Year… New Twitter

Instead of continuing to post content on my personal Twitter, I’ve decided to create a new Twitter account dedicated to this blog and my personal interests.

You can find the new account at @gfuller_blog on Twitter. There, I will hopefully be posting content regularly about my (vintage) computers, bicycles, Kewanee Boilers, AT&T Long Lines sites, and more – as well as updates on my website and teasers for upcoming posts. Follow me today!

A link to the new Twitter account has been added to the menu on this website.

Site Maintenance Update

Update – 11/14/2020

Unfortunately, I’m temporarily postponing the completion of the site maintenance/deletion of pages. Since starting on the project, some other, personal things have arose and I’m going to be busy with important projects over the next week or so. (I’m going to try to publish out my thoughts on Big Sur in the next day, but that will likely be the end of my involvement with the website for the next week.)

You may notice the normal homepage/index for the older section of my personal website is gone and has been replaced by an auto-redirect page. Since many of the images and assets serving the old section are now missing and many pages will be deleted, the Internet Archive version is probably best anyways.

Unfortunately, some of the older entries and pages on my blog (this site) contain images and other assets on the older section of the website, which means they may go missing. I will be going around and checking for missing images and other assets and updating them or removing them. (I also noticed that some images and assets from some external sources are missing, as well.) There should be minimal affect on newer articles and pages, and all text/content should still be available.

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