IBM ThinkPad T42

After purchasing my Lenovo ThinkPad T420, I wanted to purchase an IBM ThinkPad to add to my collection. Well, it finally happened.

IBMception… the IBM T42 showing a picture of an IBM System/360, with an IBM clock in the background

The ThinkPad line was originally introduced by IBM in 1992. The T42 was one of the last ThinkPad models made by IBM before the PC Division was sold to Lenovo. In fact, my T42 was made by Lenovo but still bears the IBM brand extensively. (It’s an IBM at heart.)

While the T42 originally shipped with Windows XP. The original seller had actually loaded Windows 7 on the machine before shipping it to me from Canada. Despite the low memory, Windows 7 actually runs fairly decently if you’re careful and only have one or two things open at a time.

This machine was originally intended to be a replacement for the XPavilion machine, which is suffering from bad electrolytic capacitors. However, the T42 isn’t quite a shoo-in for the position as it is running Windows 7, which is “too new” for some of the applications which the XPavilion gets used for.


The T42 is currently seen use in many fields, where it actually performs fairly decently. The machine is used to take notes in various classes, is used for light web browsing (some of the blog entries on my website have been made from the T42, including most of the Throwback Thursday entries), using telnet services, and playing music. The T42 does a fairly decent job of being a 4 pound music player – as it is reliably able to play music.

Plans for this machine: upgrade the memory (from 512MB to the maximum 2GB)

Processor Intel Pentium M “Dothan” @ 1.8 GHz
Hard Drive (Storage) 25GB Hard Drive
Memory (RAM) 512MB DDR1
Displays Built-in LCD, VGA
Optical Drive None
USB Ports 2 USB 2.0 (???) ports
Other Ports Docking Port (IBM), AC power, ethernet, onboard modem, audio in/out (microphone/headphones)
Internet Connectivity WiFi (wireless), Cat5e ethernet, onboard modem
Other Special Features TrackPoint, “Access IBM”, Infrared
Operating System Windows 7 Ultimate
Usage class notes, Telnet, light web browsing, music