Kewanee Boiler Photos

Below are Kewanee Boilers I’ve photographed.

Submitted photos

Site viewers have submitted their Kewanee Boiler pictures to be shared on here. Got a picture you want to share? Click here to e-mail them to me! (When submitting, please include your name and city, state/country and information you know about the boiler.)

Note: Submitted images are listed below in chronological order in which they were submitted — oldest to newest. (The newest photos are at the bottom.)

Type C boiler and 1970s 48 BHP packaged boiler
Photos submitted by: David R., St. Paul, MN
Ellet High School (Akron, OH)
Photos submitted by: Michael L.
Church Street Station (Jonesboro, AR): 1911 Kewanee boiler
Photos submitted by: Chad H.
Ellet High School (Akron, OH) Update
Photos submitted by: Joel S.
1913 Kewanee Type C boiler
Photos submitted by: Jenelle M./Pinchiff Mechanical (Seattle, WA)
1970s Kewanee scotch marine boilers: West Memphis, Arkansas
Photos submitted by: Chad H.
Former Euclid Motorcar Company factory (Cleveland, OH): 2 Kewanee Type C boilers
Photo submitted by: Andy S.
Cascade Springs Area (Atlanta, GA)
Photos submitted by: Daniel F.

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Last updated: December 16, 2021